Miami ejects Philadelphia and finds the final in the East, Dallas pushes Phoenix to game 7

Aurélien CANOT, Media365, published on Friday May 13, 2022 at 08:22

Winner on the Philadelphia floor (99-90) for the first time in the series, Thursday night in game 6 between Miami and the 76ers, the Heat again qualified for the Eastern Conference final. In the West, there will be game 7 between Phoenix and Dallas after the Mavericks’ card against the Suns (113-86), Thursday night in Texas in game 6.

Miami couldn’t find a better time to win its first game of the series on the 76ers court. By winning in Philadelphia (99-90), Thursday evening in game 6 where he lost in games 3 and 4, at the same time allowing their opponents, trailing 2-0 to come back up and completely relaunch this Eastern Conference semi-final, the Heat has indeed validated its ticket for a new final, two years after the defeat of the three-time NBA champions against the Lakers in the Orlando bubble. Jimmy Butler, still decisive Thursday with 32 points scored, and his teammates simultaneously become the first qualified team, without knowing yet whether they will face Milwaukee or Boston (the Bucks, defending champions, lead 3-2 before Game 6) . Phoenix, which also finished the regular season in first place in the West (the Suns were even the best team in the League, the two conferences combined), will however have to wait before possibly also climbing the lap. next. If so, the Arizona franchise will have every interest in raising the bar on the outside.

Phoenix still disappointing away

Thursday, for the third time in this semi-final which opposes them to Dallas, the Suns have indeed again bitten the dust on the Texas floor. Not far from being ghostly against the Mavericks still led by a gala Luka Doncic (33 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists), Chris Paul, still very disappointing (13 points, 4 assists, 2 rebounds), and his family have even experienced a small ordeal against the Mavs in a state of grace who built their card in the second quarter (32-20, 60-45 at the break) for thus afford a game 7 Saturday in Arizona. Only good news for Phoenix: since the beginning of the series, all matches on the floor of the Suns have turned (sometimes turned sharply even) to the advantage of Devin Booker and his partners. What perhaps to think that history will repeat itself on Saturday in Arizona and that Thursday’s slap in Texas will not change anything in the future, all mapped out in these play-offs for the huge favorite for the title.


Eastern Conference
MIAMI HEAT (1) – PHILADELPHIA 76ERS (4): 4-2 >>> Miami qualified
Match 1 –Miami Heat -Philadelphia 76ers: 106-92
Game 2Miami Heat -Philadelphia 76ers: 119-103
Match 3philadelphia 76ers -Miami Heat: 99-79
Match 4 –philadelphia 76ers -Miami Heat: 116-108
Game 5Miami Heat -Philadelphia 76ers: 120-85
Match 6 – Philadelphia 76ers- Miami Heat : 90-99

Western Conference
Match 1 –Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks: 121-114
Match 2 –Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks: 129-109
Match 3Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns: 103-94
Match 4Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns: 111-101
Match 5 –Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks: 110-80
Match 6 –Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns: 113-86
Game 7 on Saturday, May 14 at Phoenix

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