MHSC summer tour: sport and new concert of the LEJ

There are calm days in the town and others that are a little busier. This is the case of this Wednesday July 20 where there will be something for everyone throughout the day. From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the morning, pottery workshops, for the enjoyment of children from 5 to 12 years old. A morning meeting that will serve as a short warm-up for a sporty afternoon, led by the MHSC summer tour, on the fine sand of Marseillan-Plage.

In view of the expected scorching temperatures, it will be necessary to protect yourself and stay hydrated to participate in the games offered on the beach: games of skill, power. Surprises and gifts are planned throughout the afternoon with the hope of meeting the players of the first team, happy to come and greet their audience. After this festive afternoon, you can eat at the producers’ markets, place du theatre. Every Wednesday From summer until the end of August, local producers are on hand to offer fresh, quality products in a tavern atmosphere with the possibility of eating on site.

To end the day, the major musical event of the summer, the arrival of the group LEJ, this musical trio of songs, percussion and cello and its covers of planetary hits. Discovered in 2015, after a meteoric rise, the three women have been rewarded multiple times. They will perform on stage from 10 p.m., for a free concert, market square, in Marseillan-Plage.

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