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Médy Hezraf © GP

Football and Italian fanatics – there are many of them – will be delighted to discover the Italian restaurant of FC Metz located in the lair of the legendary Saint-Symphorien stadium. The name of the place? Tifo, like  » tifosi » , in other words  » supporters »In Italian. The club’s transalpine tradition goes back a long way. We remember the historic president of the club, Carlo Molinari, whose portrait stands there in black and white. And also the star of the 1960s, Roland Massucci then number 8 and host of the attack that was called « Di Stephano » of FC Metz.

Crunchy egg yolk with asparagus cream © GP

The young chef Medy Hezraf, from Turin a bit Calabrian, who worked in beautiful houses in Piedmont, as well as in Switzerland and Luxembourg, plays there, under the aegis of the Belgian-Sicilian chef Masimo, executive chef of the place, a register sophisticated Italian that is not without charm. So the taglioni (that we are announcinge for spaghetti), with oil, garlic and crunchy flavored bread, fettuccine (which we present to you for rigatoni) with gamberoni, pistachios, saffron and tomato or even sorrentine gnocchi, with tomatoes, basil and oil olive, without omitting, as a pleasant appetizer, the exquisite crunchy egg yolk with asparagus cream.

Gnocchi alla sorrentine © GP

We do not forget, by the way, the tuna tagliata (very little) cooked in  » aqua pazza ”(Crazy water), nor the seductive desserts, such as pannacotta with peach yogurt and lemon thyme, summer black forest with chocolate and red fruits, or even the thin strawberry, lemon and basil tartlet. The whole is charming, makes you forget the somewhat neutral canteen decor. On the other hand, the service a little thin, deserves the yellow card, even bordering on the red, obviously ignoring what it serves, making mistakes in the names of the pasta and messing about the names of the wines (exquisite secco de Franciarcorta, fruity san giovese Emilia Romagna, which we present to you as coming from Veneto), served by the glass.

Tuna tagliata in aqua pazza © GP

In short, we feel that all this is a bit young, and, in any case, frankly perfectible. Conversely, the coffee served in Italian ristreto is undoubtedly the best in Metz … E viva Italia !

Desserts © GP

Tifo Restaurant

Saint-Symphorien Stadium, North stand

57050 Longeville-lès-Metz

Phone. : 03 87 22 79 85

Weekly closing. : Sun, Monday. Dinner. except Fri, Sat

Card: 45 €.


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