Mets should do everything to sign Max Scherzer

In which uniform will Max Scherzer make his first start in 2022? That’s the question that turns out to be on the lips of just about every ball fan right now.

We know for the moment that the principal concerned wishes to sign in a place where he is likely to go to the end and that Mike Trout tries to convince the senior management of the Angels to go get him.

But other than that, the gunner’s record is pretty quiet.

Everyone expects Scherzer to sign a fairly lucrative contract, and with good reason. He’s one of the best pitchers in MLB and deserves to be paid for.

That being said, not all training courses will have the money to pay for it. The idea of ​​seeing him sign in a rich market is gaining ground and it’s very understandable.

If there is one team that can afford it, it’s the New York Mets. The latter have just seen Noah Syndergaard come to an agreement with the Angels and are looking for pitchers for the next season.

And who other than MadMax to come and support the New York rotation? Jacob deGrom’s recent injury will have a role to play in all of this. If he gets injured again next year and the Mets have to make do without him for part of the season, they’ll be in trouble.

Thus, the Mets should at all costs try to sign Scherzer, according to what the various panelists of Sportsnet New York believe:

The Mets have the cash to hit the home run you want, but that doesn’t mean we’ll see Scherzer in the blue and orange uniform next year.

Far from it, even.

The New York squad will need a strong enough sales pitch for such a scenario to happen and will have to prove to the pitchers that they do indeed intend to win by making other acquisitions.

And nothing says he’s interested in going and playing there, after all.

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