Mets might want to get a rental shortstop

A few days ago, Francisco Lindor was placed on the New York Mets’ cripple list. A slant injury forces him to stay on the sidelines.

It is not known how long this will last. He could miss many weeks of activities, he who is more than day to day, but a guy who will be assessed on a weekly basis.

The Mets are currently number one in their division, but their butt is hot in their division. The Braves, who got their hands on Joc Pederson, are particularly at the heart of the debate.

That’s what means the Mets could go for some shortstop help to end the year, a few months after paying Francisco Lindor $ 341 million.

The idea would be to go get a guy like Javier Baez or Trevor Story to play shortstop by the time Lindor returns. Subsequently, the acquired player would take the path of the third base or the second base, depending on the situation.

And in 2022, that would be bye bye, obviously.

But that said, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. First, the Mets must decide to go all-in and exceed the luxury tax. They have to make sure Lindor will be missed for a long time.

But there is another factor: Jacob deGrom.

If the pitcher, who was recently placed on the injured list, should miss a long time, the Mets will instead go looking for a starter. They will wait to see the health of the pitcher, who will be on the sidelines as long as he feels stiffness in his arm.

But if he were to be absent in the short term, a rental shortstop could land.

That’s a lot of data to analyze by the end of the month (July 30, actually), which is the trade deadline.

Note also that they are still at the heart of the Kris Bryant file.

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