Mets: eight-year contract for Brandon Nimmo

The New York Mets have offered an eight-year contract valued at $162 million ($20.25 million per year) to outfielder Brandon Nimmo.

David Robertson (one year, $10 million) is also under contract with the Mets. The Mets therefore filled two needs: in center field and in the bullpen.

Nimmo was a big target for the Blue Jays, who badly need help in the outfield. The hole will now have to be filled elsewhere.

But that’s not the problem for the Mets, who don’t exactly have money problems. An eight-year contract is really something for Nimmo.

He’s a good player, but his injury history is something.

Whoever will play his 30-year-old season next year will stabilize the outfield and the top of the Mets lineup – like last year, then.

The Mets are not afraid to spend and they play in a division that includes the Phillies and the Braves, two good formations.

Steve Cohen got the message.

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