Metamorphosed, the new photos of James Harden shock the web!

Disappointing last season, James Harden seems to be working hard for a few weeks to correct this blunder. This can be seen in his physique, totally transformed since this summer. The latest pictures have once again set fire to social networks.

Can we say that 2021-22 was the worst year of the career of James Harden ? In any case, it wouldn’t be that exaggerated. Swept between the Nets and the Sixers, the back disappointed in both camps, especially after his arrival in Pennsylvania. Very clumsy in shooting, resistant to the idea of ​​taking the reins in the absence of Joel Embiid, he was also criticized for his questionable physique, dragging an overweight which worried the fans.

However, all this has obviously caused a click in The Beard, who has shown in the past that he could be one of the very best players in the league. He has therefore worked a lot on himself this off-season, starting with his physical condition. He had already surprised by his big weight loss recently, but the latest images show even more how drastic his about-face has been since Philly’s elimination in the playoffs:

James Harden thinner than ever

No matter how hard we look, it’s impossible to remember the last time the 2018 MVP appeared so skinny on a floor. He has nothing to do with the guard that we have seen in the NBA for almost two years! To see if this will impact the way he plays, he who was a master in the art of absorbing contacts. In the meantime, this is proof that the number 13 has worked a lot in recent weeks. On the side of the fans, it is in any case very difficult to get used to this metamorphosis:

Nah this shit must be photoshopped

I don’t believe it, that’s the James Harden that I know

James Harden looks determined to attack 2022-23 as a new man, having obviously lost huge amounts of weight. If he manages to retain all of his qualities in the process, then we might not be ready for what he has in store for us!

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