Messi recognizes a « break » with Parisian supporters … but the « anecdotal » judge


On July 1, the adventure between Lionel Messi and PSG will finally and officially come to an end after two seasons of ups… and downs. In an interview with BeIN Sports, which will be broadcast in full this Saturday, the Argentine world champion notably returned to his relationship with Parisian supporters.

Arrived free from FC Barcelona in the summer of 2021, Lionel Messi was welcomed as a hero by the supporters. The romance, however, did not last long. « At first it was great, I received a lot of encouragement as I have often said, but after people started to treat me differently, part of the Paris public dropped the sevenfold Ballon d’Or. The majority, she treated me well as at the beginning. »

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« It’s their way of doing things »

On June 3, for his last match with PSG, Lionel Messi was whistled at the Parc des Princes, synonymous with the end of his stay in Paris. The world champion had already been whistled several times during the season, especially in the wake of elimination in the Champions League.

« There was a break with a good part of the Parisian public, admitted Lionel Messi. Of course it was not my intention, nothing more. But these are things that have already happened with Mbappé and Neymar too, it’s their way of doing it. But hey, I keep the memory of all those people who supported me, as it was at the beginning. Nothing more, it remains anecdotal. »

Lionel Messi now has an appointment with MLS and Inter Miami, David Beckham’s franchise with which he has signed up. The « Pulga » could make its debut with its new team on July 21 in the Leagues Cup, a North American competition organized jointly by MLS and the Mexican Football Federation.

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