Messi has invested € 30m in a hotel … which risks destruction

December 2, 2021 at 1:15 PM by Emmanuel Bernard

Messi Hotel
For a story of extraordinary balconies, the MiM hotel in Sitges risks destruction.

It is the first hotel bought by Lionel Messi and his partner, the Majestic group, since the two launched a joint chain under the name MiM. In 2017, we mentioned it on Sportune, the Argentinian and its partners have invested around thirty million euros in the takeover of an establishment located in the town of Sitges, not far from Barcelona.

Visit of the MiM hotel that Lionel Messi has just bought

Visit of the MiM hotel that Lionel Messi has just bought

In 2017, Lionel Messi and his partners bought a hotel in Stiges

The hotel already had its four stars, it was built in 2013 and the new investors carried out renovations. Since then, the hotel has been operating normally, with nights paid of 130 to 200 euros minimum, depending on the period. Except that according to El Confidencial in Spain, the authorities could decide on its destruction, because it would not respect the initial plans.

Balconies built larger than the plans allowed

In this case, let us specify that Messi and his associates would be the main victims, of the former owner, a certain Francisco Sánchez Rodríguez. It was he who built the hotel in 2013, after obtaining the permit, in 2009. But he would have done it, by deviating somewhat from what was planned, especially with the more imposing balconies he would not have declared. It would then be enough to reduce them for everything to be in order? Not so simple, says the Spanish media, because according to the former owner, said balconies would support a whole part of the hotel and their renovation would risk causing the collapse of the tall structure of the establishment.

PSG striker and associates may have to change the outside structure

For its part, the media Infobae qualifies the information, because he understands that the words of the former owner are a form of “pressure” put on the Catalan town planning authorities. And that in any case, there would be neither risk of collapse of the hotel, nor measures taken for its destruction. But it would be true that the PSG striker and his financial partners may have to carry out the work, to bring the hotel back to the standards of what they were originally intended.

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