Merciless Arsenal with Tottenham / Premier League (J6)

A North London Derby, yes, but a one-way street. In particular, in the first period when an unrecognizable Arsenal of efficiency made short work of his neighbor from Tottenham. From the 12th minute and soot to a beautiful inspiration signed Odegaard, Saka was fed to the right and crossed in front of the goal. Smith-Rowe opened the scoring from the right. But Spurs’ ordeal was only just beginning. Aubameyang doubled the score with a cross strike from the left moments later, before Tottenham sank to the Emirates shortly after the half hour mark.

It all started with a loss of ball from Kane, which benefited Buyako Saka. The latter’s right cross shot allowed the Gunners to sit on a comfortable three-goal lead at rest. And after the lesson of the first act, the Gunners constantly put pressure on the Spurs in the second. Kane, however, gave himself an opportunity to reduce the score on the hour mark, but Ramsdale interposed in front of the England striker. It was Son who launched a very late and above all insufficient revolt with an anecdotal reduction in the score at the very end of the match following a good cross from Reguilon. 3-1, final score, Arsenal are taking advantage of the North London derby to get their season off to a good start. Tottenham, on the other hand, will struggle to recover.

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