Mercato: Thunderbolt, the sale of ASSE is relaunched

For several months, the sale of ASSE has been announced. Nevertheless, this file seems to be complicated in the face of the demands of Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo. The two current owners of the Saint-Etienne club are indeed very greedy, which slows down this soap opera. Nevertheless, while the Greens have been relegated to Ligue 2, the sale of the club has been relaunched and John Chayka would be in the best position.

The last few months have been very eventful for theASSE. Firstly from a sporting point of view, with relegation to Ligue 2 after a catastrophic season ending with a defeat against Auxerre during the dam. As a result, significant changes have taken place internally, including the appointment of Laurent Battles to replace Pascal Dupraz or the arrivals of Loic Perrin and Jean-Francois Soucasse in the organization chart. In parallel, discussions have been held for the sale of the club for more than a year, in vain so far. On May 29, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caiazzo communicated an upcoming announcement.

“In a while we will announce important news”

 » If we have been able to make mistakes in recent seasons, we have never stopped working to ensure the sustainability of ASSE, whose financial situation will allow it to assume the next year in Ligue 2. In some time , we will announce important news regarding the future of the club and ours. An essential page of our life will turn but we place above all the ASSE institution which will very quickly find, we are convinced, the path of the elite. “, they confided through a press release.

KPMG still has the sales mandate for ASSE

So that was three months ago, and nothing has happened since. L’ASSE still hasn’t communicated anything. And yet, the candidates interested in the takeover of the Greens. In a year and a half, offers have arrived from everywhere. From France, with Olivier Marakarian and Serge Bueno, the United States (777 Partners or Blitzer), Russia (Lomakin), Cambodia (Ravichak) or even Switzerland and Luxembourg. All these offers have been studied by KPMG, the firm in charge of studying the viability of the proposals. And according to information from Progress, KPMG would still have the mandate for the sale of ASSE.

Is it over for Blitzer, Chayka new favorite?

Consequently, this dossier is still far from over. Especially since a new candidate would now be a priority. According to Progressthe track leading to David Blitzer was well and truly buried, and it is now John Chayka who would be the most serious candidate. Youngest general manager of an NHL franchise when he bought the Arizona Coyotes in 2016 when he was 26, the Canadiens own the investment company JKC Capital, but he is also the co-founder of the company specializing in advanced hockey statistics, Stathletes. Determined to invest in football, John Chayka was preceded by 777 Partners for the takeover of Standard Liège and is therefore looking for a new European club. L’ASSE being still for sale, the merger could therefore be made between the two parties.

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