Mercato: The top 5 players who passed through PSG and Juventus

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The top 5 players who passed through PSG and Juventus

Posted on September 7, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. by Arthur Montagne

For the first time in 25 years, PSG and Juventus faced each other on the European stage. The opportunity for former Parisians to find their former teammates like Leandro Paredes or Adrien Rabiot. Le 10 Sport also offers you its top 5 players from both clubs.

Gianluigi Buffon – PSG (2018-2019) / Juventus (2001-2018 then 2019-2021)

Legend of Italian football and Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon left the Old Lady in 2019 as her contract expired. 17 years after his arrival at Juventus for €53m, a totally crazy sum for 2001. Committed to its policy of recruiting stars, as was the case with David Beckham and Daniel Alvesthe PSG jump at the chance to attract Gianluigi Buffon… who will only stay one season in Paris. His passage will not remain in the annals of the capital club and will be marked in particular by his enormous dumpling in the round of 16 of the Champions League versus Manchester United.

Nicolas Anelka – PSG (1996-1997 then 2000-2002) / Juventus (2013)

We almost forgot it, but Nicolas Anelka did play the Juventus. Trained in PSG, the young striker quickly exploded to the point of signing with Arsenal after only one season in Paris. But three years later, Anelka will make a comeback with great fanfare at PSG who will pay the modest sum of €34.5 million to repatriate him. After only a season and a half, the native of Chesnay will again leave his training club and chain the clubs in the rest of his career which will see him notably go through Juventus for six short months. Arrived on January 30, 2013, he will leave the Old Lady on July 4 after having participated in 3 meetings.

Kinglsey Coman – PSG (2004-2014) / Juventus (2014-2015)

He too was trained in PSG. And he too left after only one professional season in Paris. Considered one of the great hopes of the capital club, the winger, who has only played four games with the PSGwill join the Juventus in 2014. The Old Lady jumps at the opportunity that presents itself to lure him free and make him sign his first professional contract. Italian Champion, Kingsley Coman will then fly to the Bayern Munich where he is loaned for two seasons before a final transfer estimated at 21M€. In Germany, he chained national titles and won the Champions League in 2020 against the PSG scoring the winning goal.

Angel Di Maria – PSG (2015-2022) / Juventus (2022 – )

He is probably one of the greatest players in the history of the PSG. Recruited for 63M€ from Manchester United, Angel Di Maria will have seven magnificent seasons in Paris until his departure this summer. The capital club decides not to extend his contract and the Fideo so leave the PSG free. An opportunity not to be missed Juventus. Injured, however, he was unable to celebrate his reunion with the Parc des Princes on Tuesday evening.

Blaise Matuidi – PSG (2012-2017) / Juventus (2017/2020)

He is probably the one who has marked the history of the two clubs the most. Blaise Matuidi is indeed one of the first recruits of the QSI era and will leave its mark on his passage from PSG by making himself indispensable for all his coaches. In 2017, the club of the capital estimates however that the former Stéphanois is on the decline and accepts the offer of 25M€ of the Juventus. With the Old Lady, Matudi will play 133 games until his departure in 2020.

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