Mercato TFC: towards a volte-face by Rhys Healey? The Toulouse striker could finally leave

the essential
Will stay, will not stay… Under contract at Toulouse FC for only one more year, the question arises with regard to the British striker and holder of the post for the last two years. Especially since this Friday and the recruitment of his alter ego from the Netherlands, number one scorer of the D2 in his championship.

Cause and effect relationship, what about Rhys Healey at Toulouse Footballl-Club … after arriving at the Violets on Friday noon 1er July of the Dutch centre-forward from Excelsior Rotterdam, Thijs Dallinga.

While a departure from Healey still seemed unthinkable last week – even if the Englishman, at the end of his contract in June 2023, did not receive an extension offer, unlike other locker room executives in the same configuration, the signing of Dallinga is indeed likely to mark a turning point in the career of the native of Manchester.

The Championship on the prowl

From a reliable source, offers from Championship (D2 ANG) have arrived on President Comolli’s desk. And the best goleador of L2, although flourished on (20 goals) and outside of Petit-Wembley (young dad), would no longer be insensitive to it…

Hence, perhaps, his game of hide-and-seek with the photographers on Thursday in Navata. Where « RH » had not trained, touched the adductors according to coach Philippe Montanier.

We should know more in the next few days…

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