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This enormous testimony on the arrival of Campos

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 10:45 p.m. by Pierrick Levallet

While he already occupies the position of external adviser to Celta Vigo, Luis Campos has agreed to become the sports adviser of PSG this summer. The Portuguese has also achieved a rather interesting transfer window in the capital. However, the president of Celta Vigo believes that the arrival of Luis Campos in the capital has not been really optimal.

Arrived at PSG this summer to replace Leonardo, Luis Campos undertook significant changes within the Paris workforce. Between his big cleaning and his intelligent recruitment, the sports adviser has almost completely remodeled the group of the capital. But in addition to PSG, Luis Campos must also take care of Celta Vigo as an external advisor.

“His work was very complicated during these three months”

Moreover, the president of the Spanish club Carlos Mourino does not want Luis Campos to have been busy with the PSG this summer.  » Does Campos still have time for Celta? I think so. His work has been very complicated during these three months, because it is very difficult to form two teams in such a short time. » he explains in an interview granted to AS.

« He arrived [au PSG] in a very turbulent period”

Afterwards, carlos mourinho admitted that the arrival of Luis Campos in Spain was not optimal because he landed in a delicate period:  » Things are going well with Luis Campos. Maybe it was a bit complicated at first because he came at a time when there were a lot of changes at Celta. An arrival which took place in almost the same circumstances at the PSG : “ It’s the same at PSG: he arrived in a very turbulent period. »

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