Mercato Mercato – PSG: In Paris, everything is already decided for the transfer of Ronaldo

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Mercato Mercato – PSG: In Paris, everything is already decided for the transfer of Ronaldo

Published on July 9, 2022 at 06:00

Cristiano Ronaldo’s name has literally been on everyone’s lips for some time when it comes to the summer transfer window. Not wishing to continue his adventure at Manchester United, Ronaldo would have asked his leaders to let him go this summer. Nevertheless, PSG would not be an option.

After Neymar in 2017 who was supposed to take up the torch of Lionel Messi and of cristiano Ronaldothe PSG succeeded in realizing the great dream of QSI by hosting Messi during the last offseason when his contract at heart rate Barcelona had expired. Now, it could be that the club of the capital chaired by Nasser AlKhelaifi have another chance to complete the transfer of cristiano Ronaldo. While his contract runs until June 2023 at Manchester United, Ronaldo would have demanded an exit voucher from its leaders.

The reasons for Ronaldo’s departure plans: the Champions League?

And this desire for a change of scenery would be generated in part by the absence of Manchester United for the next edition of the Champions League. And it’s not Gianluca Sun Marzio who will affirm the contrary as he made it known to Wettfreunde. “He absolutely wants to play in the Champions League. His goal is to continue breaking his records in the Champions League. His agent is trying to find the best solution for him next season. That’s why he talks with several clubs.

Claiming the supreme title, PSG would not, however, be a real option

While the name of Cristiano Ronaldo is causing a lot of ink to flow in the press almost a month after the official opening of the summer transfer window, the PSG would not have positioned himself on the file Ronaldo. This is indeed the information that Fabrizio Romano been communicating lately. And his fellow journalist Gianluca Sun Marzio confirmed the trend always for Wettfreunde. « PSG won’t sign him because they have Messi, Neymar and Mbappe. It’s difficult to find another club that gives him the opportunity to play in the Champions League.

Chelsea, almost the only single destination for Ronaldo?

With the arrival of new owners in chelsea after the club was put up for sale by Novel Abramovichthe co-owner Todd Boehly would like to complete a marquee signing after leaving on loan from Romelu Lukaku at the‘Inter. And the profile of Ronaldo would particularly please the new management committee of the Blues according to Sun Marzio. « Chelsea are entering a new era and even if it is ‘just’ an image deal for the new owner and chairman, it could be something the whole world is talking about. He could play the Champions League with new ’emotions and ambitions’. I don’t think there are any other great solutions for him right now. »

Barça, a return to Italy, MLS…

During his interview for Wettfreunde, Gianluca Sun Marzio took advantage of this media outing to calm the rumors around a possible arrival of the former player of the Real Madrid in the historical enemy that is the heart rate Barcelona. « I don’t think Cristiano can go to Barcelona. In his heart, he is a (Real) Madrid player. That’s why I don’t think he can join them. Barcelona want Lewandowski and they will try to sign him until the end”.

But what about a return to Serie A after his three-season experience at the Juventus ? “Italy is impossible for him. That’s why I think Chelsea could be the right thing for him. But it depends on him and what he wants. If he wants to play in the Premier League and the Champions League, Chelsea are the only club at the moment”.

Like Lionel Messi, cristiano Ronaldo is expected in Major League Soccer. And if the star of Manchester United saw himself living the American dream, this option would be more than likely according to Di Marzio. “If Cristiano Ronaldo wants to have a different kind of experience, a transfer to MLS is also an option. I know they want Cristiano in MLS. If it’s not this year, it will probably be next year. But I think he will definitely go to MLS before the end of his career.

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