Mercato Mercato – OM: The announcement of this close friend of Longoria on his future at OM

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OM: The announcement of this close friend of Longoria on his future at OM

Posted on September 12, 2022 at 8:45 p.m. by Thibault Morlain

On the side of OM, there have not only been changes within the workforce in recent months. Indeed, the Marseille club has also restructured internally with new arrivals in the organization chart. Pablo Longoria notably surrounded himself with Jacques Cardoze, who arrived as communications director. And the latter confided in his future at OM.

Since his appointment as President of theOM at the start of 2021, Pablo Longoria decided to completely remodel the Marseille club from top to bottom. And this also applies to the Marseille organization chart. The Spaniard has thus surrounded himself with new collaborators. This summer, Javier Ribalta notably happened toOM as the new director of football. And a few months ago, it’s Jacques Cardoze who joined Marseilles. A former journalist, he was appointed communications director of theOM.

“I would like to bring my stone”

It is in June 2021 that Jacques Cardoze therefore joined the organization chart of theOM. A story that has lasted for more than a year now and the director of communication for the Marseille club does not intend to leave soon. In remarks given to Parisian, cardoze has explained :  » Stay at OM for how long? I do not know. I would like to bring my stone. I want this club to be definitely respected « .

Cardoze and his role at OM

 » I think we managed to imprint a brand, a state of mind through this new direction. In itself, this is already satisfying. What matters above all is that global communication is well defended. A club can do several actions, the most important is to refocus the discourse around football, its supporters, the link with its city and its region – especially in Marseille –, and through its diaspora. One of the goals I have set myself is for this bond to be strong and for no one to feel left out of the OM community. “, also added Jacques Cardoze concerning his missions at theOM.

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