Mercato: in the fight with RC Strasbourg for a German international Espoirs

Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE – OL: The post-match debrief

Among the many tracks circulating at AS Saint-Etienne, which still hopes to considerably strengthen its team by the end of the transfer window, one arrives from Italy. It concerns central defender Julian Chabot, who lacks playing time at Sampdoria Genoa. Aged 23, this Franco-German has opted for German nationality in football and he has been an international U23.

RC Strasbourg and Salernitana, bottom of Serie A, would also like to enlist this tall defender of 1.94m. It is the Sampnews24 site which announces these tracks, without it being known whether the Doriani want a transfer or are open to a loan. In the first case, ASSE would not have the means to pay compensation. Pascal Dupraz would like to see a central defender arrive, as well as a right side and a striker.

The Greens follow Julian Chabot

In lack of playing time at Sampdoria Genoa, Julian Chabot is followed by ASSE, RC Strasbourg and Salernitana. The 23-year-old Franco-German central defender could be loaned or sold. In the latter case, the Greens could not afford it.

Raphael Nouet

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