[Mercato] Head to MLS for Moussa Djitté

As announced a few days ago, striker Moussa Djitté will leave GF38 this summer. We now know a little more about its future destination. The Senegalese striker should indeed join MLS. If according to our information Florida (Miami?) Was mentioned in recent days as a possible point of fall, RMC reporter Loic Tanzi talks to him about Texas this Wednesday morning with the Austin franchise. Discussions are said to be on the verge of being concluded and formalization should take place quickly.

Moussa Djitté will leave a superb image in Grenoble. That of a shy but endearing man, who has learned to « let go » over the months and that of a player capable of extraordinary technical gestures. The Senegalese will have progressed enormously during his Grenoble years, we wish him to continue on this path. Thank you for everything Moussa!

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