Mercato: Fewer stars and more young people, PSG’s idea for 2022/2023

In addition to the change in its sports organization that PSG should experience after a disappointing season, L’Équipe is rounding a wave of departures which seems to be taking shape this summer. The reflection would even concern Messi and Neymar.

The early exit from the Champions League promises to have at least the virtue of leading to changes within PSG. Indeed, the sports organization should be shaken up with the departure of coach Mauricio Pochettino and / or sports director Leonardo. In addition to these two names, L’Équipe is today making the rounds of the workforce, which is also set to change this summer. To be able to recruit, it will be necessary to part with certain players anyway. If the future of Messi and Neymar could be a food for thought among the leaders of PSG, a departure is still far away to this day.

Indeed, if their performances have not been convincing enough on the pitch this season to the point that their future would be questioned by the management of PSG, L’Équipe reports that their media weight remains immense. A few months before the World Cup in Qatar, parting with it would be a blow for the PSG shareholding. In addition, Neymar’s contract runs until 2025 at PSG, with an additional year which activates almost automatically. If the MLS is making eyes at him and the interest seems mutual, it’s hard to imagine a franchise capable of paying both a transfer fee and his salary. PSG should therefore release him from his last years of contract, which would cost him a fortune. For Messi, the same story on the bottom even if the Pulga is only linked to PSG until 2023.

Departures to make room for younger people

As for the more probable departures, that of Di María, at the end of the contract at the end of the season, is already almost recorded. The optional year provided for in his contract should not be activated for the 34-year-old Argentine. Several others have a window to leave this summer and, more rarely, notes L’Équipe, they would be willing to leave. In this case, to greater or lesser degrees, Draxler, Diallo, Icardi, Dagba and even Wijnaldum, who completely missed out on his first season at PSG, would be found.

L’Équipe indicates that among players one year from the end of their contract, Kehrer would not want to leave before 2023, while those in the same situation as him, i.e. Gueye and Paredes, would be waiting for an offer to to prolong. On Kurzawa’s side, his departure would depend only on his will. Finally, Dina Ebimbe, disappointed with her role and her playing time, is of interest in the Bundesliga.

To mark a new sporting turn, in addition to the departures which could be numerous, L’Équipe indicates that PSG would like to rely on more young people. This season, Xavi Simons, Édouard Michut or even the very young El Chadaille Bitshiabu have had very little opportunity to play minutes, when their integration was initially planned in the rotation. The disproportionate transfer window of PSG in the summer of 2021 prevented it. For 2022/2023, trusting young people more could on the one hand convince Xavi Simons, at the end of his contract this summer, to extend to PSG. But also and above all to a great generation with in particular Zaire-Emery, Bitshiabu, Gassama, to have their chance in the first team shortly.

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