Mercato, draw, the image of the club

Seen and read about PSG in the French press on Thursday August 25. A big update on departures and arrivals one week before the end of the transfer window, the draw for the Champions League, the image of PSG on a European scale and its strength on social networks, as well as the beautiful challenge taken up by the young supporter Camille.

THE TEAM opens its Thursday edition on a big point concerning the PSG transfer window in the direction of arrivals by addressing each of the tracks announced by the capital club. Christophe Galtier is still hoping for three reinforcements, but he knows he is running the risk of not being fully heard as the club do not want to overpay and he is constrained by financial fair play, not to mention the fact that clubs do not hesitate to ask more of Paris than to others.

First, the file Bernardo Silva. According to information published by THE TEAMthe PSG made an offer of €70m in the past few days. Only here, this proposal would not have made you waver Manchester Citywho felt through the voice of its executive director that the file opened a little late when talking about the interest of the FC Barcelona for the player. The Portuguese would have said to Paris that the challenge interests him, but he will not go to arm wrestling to be released from his last three years of contract and will respect the decision of his leaders, although his entourage does not close any doors in the state.

There is always hope, unlike the file Marcus Rashford. THE TEAM effectively indicates that this file has little chance of succeeding because Manchester United immediately indicated that he did not want to sell his player. In addition, the good performances of the England international in recent matches have confirmed this status. Finally, even if intermediaries would try to maintain the track, the price of the player would be very high two years from the end of his contract, which constitutes an additional brake in this file which should not succeed in all likelihood.

THE TEAM also takes stock of a file that has been well known for more than two months, namely the case of Milan Skriniar. According to the French media, the PSG has not yet given up on the idea of ​​recruiting him after seeing two of his offers rejected (€50m + a player, €55m + a player). According THE TEAMa new offer of 60 M€ + a player could fall in the coming days, but it will then have little chance of succeeding according to someone close to the case, Nasser Al-Khelaifi having somewhat fallen out with theInter by threatening them with a free arrival of Milan Skriniar at Paris in a year while the Italian club wants to extend its player. Consequently, THE TEAM does not rule out the hypothesis that Paris turns on another target, for example Axel Disasithe defender of theAS Monaco 24 years old, also part of the Parisian shortlist.

Finally, in the direction of arrivals, THE TEAM focus on the file Fabian Ruiz. The player already has an agreement with the PSGbut the French media indicates that the player must take his troubles patiently because  » Naples does not intend to let go without an attractive offer “, attractive offer which is slow to fall and which therefore leads to the current immobility in the file.

After a big point on arrivals, THE TEAM dwells on the question of departures by first recalling thatAnder Herrera will leave the PSG to join theAthletic Club – the uncertainty remains on a termination of contract or a loan with purchase option even if the second option would be the preferred one. His salary will be lower there than in Paris but it can evolve.

For Mauro Icardi, THE TEAM indicates that Galatasaray made a loan offer to PSGand this while the Sevilla FC is also interested. Luis Campos is currently discussing with the Turkish club, in particular on the presence of a purchase option. For his part, the player validated, in principle, the idea of ​​joining Turkey, provided that he does not cut too much on his salary (more than 9 M€ per year) « .

Another starting file, that of Leandro Paredes. THE TEAM indicates that if everything seems settled between the Juventus and the player who has already traded with Massimiliano Allegrithe Italian club has made no official offer to the PSG. The player is therefore in uncertainty while he  » it is rumored in Italy that the Old Lady could make a loan offer with an option to buy on September 1 « .

For Layvin KurzawaTrack Fulham seems to be taking shape and is even described as the most concrete option. The English club want to make an offer and would like to negotiate a transfer as a priority,  » what suits the PSG « . For his part, and this is great news, the player would be interested in the project of the stable of Premier League according THE TEAM.

Two final issues are addressed by THE TEAM. The first is that of Rafinafor which Trabzonspor  » has just started discussions with the entourage of the Brazilian midfielder « . The second is the file Keylor Navasagree to join Naples but still waiting for the PSG and the Italian club find common ground on his departure arrangements. No development would have taken place during the last hours. The player therefore resumed training. with the only prospect, for the moment, of settling on the bench against Monaco on Sunday evening « .

Another topic in THE TEAM of the day: the draw of the Champions League which will take place this Thursday at 6 p.m. In a table, the French media indicates what would be the most affordable draw for the PSG : the Sevilla FCthe Shakhtar Donetsk and the Maccabi Haifa. Least affordable according to THE TEAM : liverpoolI’Inter and the Glasgow Rangers. In addition, the French daily indicates that the elimination of theAS Monaco provide financial support to PSG et al’OM, the only two French representatives in the Champions League.  » Excluding performance bonuses, the market pool is split at 55% for PSG and 45% for OM “, while the distribution would have been 45%, 35% and 20% if the Monegasques had qualified.

On this Champions League draw day, The Parisian focuses in a long article on the image of the capital club across Europe. For the Ile-de-France regional daily, this is an opportunity to gather opinions on the club’s image in Spain and Italy.  » PSG is obviously seen as a great team, but above all as an agglomeration of stars than a real team, in the collective sense. Sportingly, of course it’s a feared team. Messi, Mbappé, Neymar, Verratti, Marquinhos, Ramos… It’s one of the best teams in the world! “, thus explains Andres Onrubiacorrespondent for the Madrid daily AS.

In Italy, the PSG is also attracting attention, as evidenced by the words of the French striker of theHellas Verona Thomas Henry : “ In the hotel, before the matches, between us, we watch and debrief a lot of matches. The 7-1, the combination on the first goal, it made a lot of talk. For ten years, PSG has made a place for itself in the European landscape and can be compared to the giants of Italian football like Juve or Milan, and that’s not nothing « .

A strong image therefore, well aided by the great strength of the PSG in terms of communication on social networks, something “ crucial  » according Antonio Di Cianni, Head of Football Economics at Football Benchmark. Since 2019, the PSG has more than doubled its number of subscribers on the various platforms thanks to its off-field development.  » It is something important and reads in the same way as the sporting, commercial aspects, etc. « , Explain Antonio Di Cianni.

A highlight: the PSG is the most followed club on TikTok, the network most popular with young people. Overall, the impact of the arrival of Leo Messi was strongly felt, with 24 million followers gained between August 1 and September 1, 2021. In doing so, “ Paris has gained more weight on the networks than clubs like Chelsea, Juventus, Liverpool, Bayern or Arsenal « , writing The Parisianwhile closing the gap with real Madridthe FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

On this draw day, The Parisian also claims that Paris should be spared, despite the chances of taking a cador from hat 2. For the rest, the PSG has little to fear according to the regional media, even if this group stage will not be the justice of the peace for the capital club which is naturally among the favorites.  » The truth of August is rarely that of spring, so we will be careful not to go further in the forecasts “Writes the regional media.

Finally, transfer window issues are tackled by The Parisian this Thursday. The first concerns Danilo Pereira which, barring a reversal of the situation, will remain PSG this season for a third year. First included in the list of unwanted elements despite having never been in the loft, the Portuguese international was finally removed from the market at the request of Christophe Galtier. The Frenchman and his staff would indeed appreciate the player’s profile and versatility. Praised for his exemplary state of mind, he will therefore offer the staff a wider tactical palette to solidify the team, even if his maintenance does not mean that Paris is not looking to strengthen itself in the middle by the end of this transfer window.

Another issue addressed, that ofAbdou Diallo. The Parisian indicates that the Senegalese international is still keen to leave the PSG. Even though he trains very seriously with Paristhe player wants to have minutes in view of the World Cup and does not want to stay on the Parisian bench, where he can only watch the trio Marquinhos-Ramos-Kimpembe. AstonVilla and other clubs from Premier League would be interested in the player. Although negotiations have not yet started, the club, trained by Steven Gerard would be of interest Abdou Diallowhose transfer could bring in around ten million euros to the PSG.

Finally, Le Parisien discusses the departure of Ander Herrera explaining that  » PSG will not receive any money; he even spends “, although he will offload his monthly salary of € 650,000 gross which would run until 2024. The regional media indicates that the final details of the amicable agreement to release him from his last two years of contract were signed on Tuesday. Ander Herrera obviously did not give the gift of leaving without collecting part of the salary which was due to him – a similar situation for other undesirables. Ander Herrera will soon sign a two-year contract with theAthletic Club.

Finally, to end on a positive note, The Parisian returns to the arrival by bike of the little Camille to Princes Park. Welcomed by many Parisian supporters on her arrival after a 140km journey to raise funds for the association  » A smile for Camille », the 8-year-old girl with Vacterl syndrome was able to achieve one of her goals with her crazy challenge: to meet Kylian Mbappe when he arrives at the stadium.  » She was able to share a moment with him in the locker room and spend part of the afternoon with him “, writes thus The Parisian.

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