Mercato: a Parisian nugget is in high demand in Ligue 1

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PSG have not been successful in their management of young people for several years. Many are the titis who had to leave the club of the capital, in the form of loan or transfer, to go exploit their potential and have playing time elsewhere. Despite their short playing time in the first team, several young people attract the attention of European clubs, in particular this young nugget.

According to information from Foot Mercato, the young left-back Teddy Alloh (20) attracts the greed of several Ligue 1, Bundesliga and Eredivisie clubs. Loaned this season to Eupen, Alloh is under contract until June 2023 with the capital club and his future will depend on the future playing time that PSG will give him.

to summarize

At PSG, young people don’t have much playing time with Mauricio Pochettino. However, a nugget from the club is in high demand in Ligue 1 and in Europe. Teddy Alloh attracts the interest of French, German and Dutch clubs.

Adam Duarte

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