Mercato: a first strong response fell for Alexis Sanchez!

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Arturo Vidal (34) is a rumor relaunched quite recently on the side of OM. In Italy, local media have let it be known that the Chilean midfielder was still in the books of Jorge Sampaoli for the winter transfer window.

The name of the Inter Milan player was already in the pipes this summer … before that of his compatriot Alexis Sanchez. Recently, the rumor was launched, just like in FC Barcelona, ​​but it would not really be founded.

Sampaoli not hot for Sanchez but …

According to the Spanish daily As, OM is not interested in Sanchez for the next mercatos. Jorge Sampaoli would indeed think that his best years are behind him and he does not believe him capable of adapting to the athletic demands linked to the system he is trying to set up in Marseille.

Despite everything, this same Sampaoli would not refuse his file if the OM leaders offered it to him or if the player himself made an approach and a financial effort. This season, Sanchez’s playing time comes down to 175 minutes (in 7 appearances) for two assists.

to summarize

Jorge Sampaoli is mixed at OM about Alexis Sanchez (Inter Milan, 32) for the transfer window. If he knows his compatriot at the end of his career, he thinks he could also do good for the Marseille attack.

Bastien Aubert

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