Meeting with Yoann Montchamp, new departmental director of school sports in Yonne

The UNSS (National Union of School Sport) in Yonne, it was 5,844 licensees in Yonne, during the year 2021-2022. « Or 22.55% of school students, » says Yoann Montchamp, the new departmental head of sport in colleges and high schools.

Jany Lefort has returned to his college in Courson-les-Carrières: Yoann Montchamp replaces him as UNSS departmental director. He was previously a teacher at Catherine-et-Raymond-Janot high school in Sens and saw several advantages in this new position. “The possibility of seeing something else, another facet of my job, explains Yoann Montchamp. After 12 years in high school, a certain routine sets in. I needed to discover something else. people, to get involved in various projects. That’s what attracted me to this position. »

I have a particular background: I was a school teacher before becoming a PE teacher.

The new departmental director knows the region since he is from Mâcon. « I have a particular background: I was a school teacher before becoming a PE teacher », he explains. He also knows the sport for having practiced several. « Until I was 25, I cycled competitively. And now, I’ve been playing tennis for a few years, at the Pont-Sur-Yonne club. But I’m not a great competitor! » smiles the teacher, who has just gone up 15/4.

« Become known »

This year, the UNSS departmental service will not organize a French championship. This should give his new director time to get his bearings and launch projects. « We will be able to set other objectives in connection with the regional service, with whom we had discussed in particular the primary-college bridge. These are projects that we will try to put in place », underlines Yoann Montchamp.

Introduce the UNSS and sports associations to all college and high school students, especially new ones.

The first major event of the year is school sports day, which takes place on Wednesday 21 September. Colleges and high schools are invited to introduce students to the sports disciplines and associations they offer. « The objective is really to introduce the UNSS and sports associations to all students in colleges and high schools, especially new ones, adds Yoann Montchamp. The national management has realized that the UNSS does not was not often known by parents of students, people in general, while we are the second Federation of France in terms of licensees. We try to do a lot of work to make ourselves better known « .

The Yonne run & bike championship, on October 19 in the Piedalloues district of Auxerre, will be one of the first highlights of the year, along with the cross country championship on November 23 at La Brosse de Venoy high school.

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