meeting with two women, presidents of sports clubs

Aurore Raynaud and Pascale Clara have in common their passion for sport and their commitment, one at the head of an ice hockey club, the other of a rugby club, two predominantly male disciplines.

For 4 years Pascale Clara has chaired the Malemort XV rugby club. As obvious.

I learned to walk on a rugby pitch

Pascale Clara, president of the Malemort rugby club

« The oval cauldron »

Rugby, she has always known it, since her father founded a club in the Paris region: « I have fallen into the oval cauldron since I was born« , she laughs.

And it is not at the club that we would question her qualities as president, under the pretext that she is a woman. « we don’t even care if it’s a woman or a man, » says Robert Chassagnac, coach of Malemort XV.

Three women at the head of the club

Aurélie Raynaud is also the head of a renowned men’s sports club since she directs ice hockey in Brive. « My priority is to develop the club, whether we have more and more children, girls or boys. »

And proof that women take responsibility in sport, there are three of them at the head of the club: as president, secretary and treasurer.

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