McLaren on the probable arrival of Porsche in F1: « It would be simply brilliant »

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl believes Porsche’s very likely entry into Formula 1 would be « simply brilliant » for motorsport’s premier class.

The car manufacturer Porsche should logically make its return to F1 from the 2026 season most certainly as an engine manufacturer alongside the Red Bull team, and although no official announcement has yet been made by the firm from Stuttgart, certain clues now leave no doubt as to the intentions of the German manufacturer. Indeed, the publication of an official document from the German Patent and Trademark Office proves that Porsche registered the word “F1nally” likely to be used when announcing the manufacturer’s return to Formula 1.

Word “F1nally” has been filed in various categories including watches, jewelry, leather goods, luggage, apparel, headwear, shoes and toys, as well as video games, which would mean that “F1nally” will eventually feature in the F1 game made by Electronic Arts.

It is also known that Porsche has been in discussions for some time now with Red Bull Racing to become an engine partner for the Milton Keynes team when the new engine regulations come into force in 2026, when the German firm is also expected to take a stake of 50% in the stable according to official documents leaked last month.

Andreas Seidl, current team principal of the McLaren F1 team and former head of the Porsche 919 Hybrid program in the World Endurance Championship, has obviously experienced the battles between Porsche and Audi in the WEC in the past and says he is very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being able to relive that in Formula 1 if ever the two manufacturers land in the premier category (Audi is also in talks to become a partner of McLaren).

« It would just be great for Formula 1, but also for us as competitors, if big brands like Porsche and Audi enter Formula 1. » Seidl said.

« I was also part of a battle between Porsche and Audi for a few years which was great, and if they want to do it again I would watch it with great interest as a fan. »

Last week, the World Motor Sport Council approved the new engine rules which will come into force from 2026 in Formula 1. We know that Porsche was waiting for this approval before making any official announcement…

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