McLaren apologizes to Fernando Alonso

The Indianapolis 500 Miles is Fernando Alonso’s challenge to win the Triple Crown. Unfortunately this year, the McLaren Racing team could not give him a car fast enough to qualify.

When Fernando Alonso announced his return to the Indy 500, it was clear he was a serious contender for victory after his strong showing in 2017. -be after the first free practice.

McLaren apologizes for Alonso

McLaren Racing sporting director Gil de Ferran apologized to Fernando Alonso to the partners and sponsors and all team members for failing in their mission to participate in this race.

« This is the most painful, emotional and difficult experience not only for me but for the whole team as well. I want to take this opportunity to apologize and thank the fans not only here in the United States but in around the world who have been following our progress. I’ve read a lot of great stuff and messages all over the place. So thank you and I’m sorry we’re not at the Indy 500. »

« I also want to apologize and thank our team. The guys have been working for several months, and especially for about a month, which is a huge effort. It’s a very difficult sport. We certainly don’t have underestimated the challenge. We knew it would be an extremely difficult challenge. I’ve been here before. I’ve seen some amazing people not racing. So we were certainly very aware of how difficult it was. I want to I would like to apologize and thank our partners who have been fantastic and incredibly helpful throughout this adventure. I also thank the entire IndyCar community who have welcomed us with open arms. From the officials, the managers of the security, all the other teams. »

We will have to digest this bitter failure, for the team, the technical staff as well as for the driver who sees an opportunity to participate in this race fly away. Because you rarely win from your first attempt at the Indy 500, even without a win, it would have been useful for Fernando Alonso to participate once again in this race for his ultimate goal.

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