McKenna Match of the Day: Jan. 31 – Pheonix Copley vs. Frederik Andersen

Former NHL goaltender Mike McKenna gives his Daily face-to-face Start of the goalkeeper match of the day for Tuesday. January 31, 2023:

Why I love this game:

Copley and Andersen were winning machines for the Kings and Hurricanes, respectively. But I really want to see how Copley does against Carolina, one of the best teams in the NHL.

To monitor :

Controlled mechanics. Both Copley and Andersen are strong technically and rarely find themselves out of position. Almost at fault. Neither has the greatest natural athleticism, but they make up for it with smart, budget-friendly skating routes. And they feature big on the net.

Andersen missed more than two months of action through injury earlier this season, but that hasn’t hurt his game. In fact, I think it could be even better. Because the Hurricanes have quality goalies behind him on the depth chart, Andersen didn’t need to rush. He looks in control and hasn’t lost a game in regulation since Nov. 6. The Carolina goaltender has a .909 save percentage this season and a 10-3-0 record.

What would the LA Kings be without Copley? Maybe not even in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, given the Southern California club’s poor start to the year. Two-time Stanley Cup winner Jonathan Quick has a losing record, and suspected future No. 1 Cal Petersen was sent to the AHL after a terrible start.

Copley responded by providing the King with a solid and consistent goalkeeper. His .901 save percentage is below the league average, but his 15-3-0 record is not. And the North Pole, Alaska caretaker has a budding relationship with actor Will Ferrell. Life is good for Phoenix.

What fantasy owners should do:

I like both in this game. Although Copley is more risky than Anderson.

Conclusion for Pheonix Copley:

Carolina can be a tough road to build. Hold the fort in the first period and slow down the game by covering as many pucks as possible.

Conclusion for Frederik Andersen:

He played very well. But don’t hurt yourself. Health is the key to the Carolina Fold.

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