McDavid, MacKinnon and Makar speak out on Hockey Canada allegations

The three star hockey players have been following the scandal that erupted this summer after allegations of a sexual assault involving members of the 2018 Canadian junior team.

I’m really proud to be Canadian, really proud to represent Hockey CanadaEdmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid said Thursday during the NHL/NHLPA media tour near Las Vegas.

It’s a terrible situation for everyonehe added.

Hockey Canada has been in the spotlight since an alleged sexual assault came to public attention in June 2018 after a gala in London, Ont. It was allegedly perpetrated by eight unidentified players, including members of the national junior team.

Allegations against 2003 national team players also made headlines in July.

None of these allegations have been defended in court.

It’s sad, said McKinnon, who won the Stanley Cup last June with the Colorado Avalanche. There is no place for that.

I’m not aware of the allegations and the rest, but whatever happened is not correct. This is the main problemhe said.

Later that summer, an affidavit filed in a lawsuit in Ontario suggested Hockey Canada held a reserve fund to pay for uninsured liabilities, including sexual abuse claims.

The organization confirmed that the money was no longer used for these situations.

Hockey Canada lost federal funding, sponsorships were put on hold and politicians called for regime change.

In response to the storm, the organization unveiled an action plan to end such practices and reopened an independent investigation into the 2018 allegations.

Colorado defenseman Cale Makar, who was a member of the junior national team in 2018, previously indicated that he did not take part in the events. He had spoken with investigators and will do so again if necessary.

I am an open book, he said. I am ready for anything. Whatever they need, I’m there.

The culture must change

The Norris Trophy winner said he spoke about the controversy with his parents.

My parents would tell me about all the money they gave to Hockey Canada to allow me to play. And this story comes out. I can imagine the number of parents who thought, « Oh, that’s where my money is going »he said.

This is obviously a very hard look. Identity and culture must definitely change. It is time concluded Makar.

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