McDavid and Draisaitl, these series point machines | You did see?

Since the number of games played varies from player to player, the empirical measure for making comparisons is the number of points per game. In this regard, McDavid and Draisaitl, with 26 points each in 12 games, are at 2.17, which is the 9th best performance in history.

Only four other players maintained a better pace. Wayne Gretzky did it five times in addition to recording the best of all time, in 1985, with an average of 2.61 points per game.

The other three are Darryl Sittler, in 1977, with 21 points in 9 games (2.33), Dennis Maruk, in 1986, with 13 points in 5 games (2.66), and Mario Lemieux, 34 points in 15 games ( 2.26) in 1992.

Notice that Sittler and Maruk have played less than 10 games.

In fact, two years ago, in 2019-20, McDavid had maintained a comparable points per game average, at 2.25, but in only four games. It’s less impressive when there are fewer games played.

He is crouching and shouting.

Connor McDavid scored the game-winning goal in overtime as the Oilers edged the Flames 5-4.

Photo: USA TODAY SPORTS/Sergei Belski

The first-round series that pitted the Oilers against the Los Angeles Kings earned McDavid the 18th streak in franchise history, 14 in 7 games. The pace maintained in the second round against the Flames is slightly higher: 12 in 5.

Draisaitl, he exploded with 17 points in 5 games against the Flames, the fourth total in history in a single series, with a staggering average of 3.4 per game.

He brakes suddenly.

Leon Draisaitl

Photo: Getty Images/Codie McLachlan

Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl have 26 points each. The highest sum amassed by a player in the playoffs is 47, by a certain Wayne Gretzky, in 1985.

He had achieved the feat in 18 games, two more than the minimum possible in the current format. For the record, the first round was played in a three of five format at the time.

If, hypothetically, the Oilers did not lose a game from the third round until winning the Stanley Cup, they would play 20 games. And if they maintained their pace, averaging 2.17 points per game, multiplied by 20 games, they would finish the tournament with 43 points. It would only take a few high-scoring losses for the Oilers to seriously consider taking the record from Gretzky, one might think.

Projections aside, McDavid’s and Draisaitl’s performances so far are already eclipsing some of the show’s marks. Both have more points than the series leading scorer in 2019 (Brad Marchand, 23 points in 24 games), 2012 (Anze Kopitar, 20 points in 20 games) and 2015 (Patrick Kane, 23 points in 23 games). ).

They are also tied with two other series scoring champions: David Krejci (26 points in 22 games in 2013) and Anze Kopitar (26 points in 26 games in 2014).

And the third round hasn’t started yet!

The scoring champions of the last 10 years in the playoffs:

  • 2012: Anze Kopitar (LA), 20 points in 20 games
  • 2013: David Krejci (BOS), 26 points in 22 games
  • 2014: Anze Kopitar (LA), 26 points in 26 games
  • 2015: Patrick Kane (CHI), 23 points in 23 games
  • 2016: Logan Couture (SJ), 30 points in 24 games
  • 2017: Evgeni Malkin (PIT), 28 points in 25 games
  • 2018: Evgeny Kuznetsov (WSH), 32 points in 24 games
  • 2019: Brad Marchand (BOS), 23 points in 24 games
  • 2020: Nikita Kucherov (VG), 34 points in 25 games
  • 2021: Nikita Kucherov (VG), 32 points in 23 games

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