Mbappé’s forced English accent when he talks about his FIFA grades amuses Twitter (video)

Since the start of the season, Kylian Mbappé has been talked about a lot. The world champion is in good shape on the pitch in the colors of PSG. Despite everything, his side considered too individualistic sometimes annoys. Outside of European lawns, Mbappé is also present in the media. In addition to having been quoted in the Pogba case despite himself, the former Monaco is currently talking about his standoff won with the French Federation of Soccer in a story of image rights. Mbappé, a true international star, will also be the headliner of the next FIFA game.

And he recently got a glimpse of his grades.

Mbappé, English is at the level

Kylian Mbappé has been able to develop his image over time. This obviously requires a thorough mastery of languages. English is a language he speaks very well. But what amuses Internet users is the accent that the PSG player has when he speaks in the language of Shakespeare. In recent hours, a rather unusual sequence has been making the buzz on social networks. You can hear Mbappé speaking English with an accent worthy of the most remote American states. An attitude when talking about his ratings on FIFA 23 to see below :

Internet users laugh

As said above, this sequence has caused a lot of talk on social networks, always quick to react when Mbappé speaks.

We could see in particular as comments on Twitter :

  • « Ptdrrrrrr nah he’s too detestable, too much »
  • « Wisconsin accent kicks me off ptdrrrr this guy is the peak of entertainment »
  • « He’s sure he was born in Connecticut on Thanksgiving Day »
  • « Everyone hates him but I love this little lol too much. »
  • « Ptdrrr he talks like Djilsi in the last episode of where we go »
  • « I think he must have one or two American buddies he talks to regularly. And he’s figured out that the best way to learn a language is to imitate those who speak it, so his buddies. »
  • « Oh the very Texan cowboy accent »

Kylian Mbappé will be present in the colors of the France team to play two Nations League matches on September 22 and 25 against Austria and Denmark.

Two preparatory meetings for the 2022 World Cup, even if Didier Deschamps must deplore a large number of injured players. Once again, Mbappé will have to carry the Blues on his back and try to reassure the most pessimistic fans about the chances of the world champions at the World Cup. IIt must be said that bad deals have been multiplying for a few weeks, between the Pogba affair, the accusations against the FFF and the many absences.



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