Mazzocchi’s hazing leaves everyone speechless, never seen (VIDEO)

Hazing has become regular during international breaks. In each national selection, the players summoned for the first time are invited to sing in front of the rest of the group, this during lunch or dinner. It is clearly a tradition established in all the national selections in the world.

Normally, the result makes the whole group laugh, but that was not the case during this regrouping of the Italian national team. Pasquale Mazzocchi, right-back of Serie A club Salernitana, was called up for the Italian national team for the first time aged 27 during this international break. With this summons, the Neapolitan player hopes to play one of the two matches awaiting his national team in the Nations League against England on Friday and against Hungary on Saturday.

But before proving that he is ready to wear the Azzurri jersey, the player had to overcome the « hazing », another process for which he arrived in top form. After a meal with his teammates, he settled into the chair, and when his teammates were ready to laugh, the full-back showed he could do more than football, leaving them in awe. When Mazzocchi began to sing, silence fell in the room and, after a real recital, the Italian team gave him thunderous applause. Look !


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