Maxime Lopez was not happy at OM!



Maxime Lopez in Serie A @IMAGO
Maxime Lopez in Serie A @IMAGO

Maxime Lopez has long been a hope for OM but has never really managed to win, he recently returned to his adventure in France.

Max Lopezformer player OM today evolving to Sassuolorecently confided in his football career in an interview with the show The Club of 5 on Youtube. Old 25 yearsthe player didn’t mince his words and spoke about his move to OMwhich he does not regret but would have considered differently.

Lopez therefore seems satisfied with his career and his choice to join Sassuolo, where he currently thrives. The interview also allows better understand the career of the young player and his perspective on his experience at OM. In any case, the supporters of the Marseille club keep good memories of their former player.

« Honestly, I have no regrets. I have moments of nostalgia. I think back to my first year at OM when I was 18. Everything was going well, at that time… I was told about Barça, he rewinds. During the first year at OM there were moments of hollowness. But since I was the little youngster, we paid less attention to it. It was the only year in Marseille where I was protected. After I was killed…»


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