Max Verstappen ready to betray Red Bull? Driver appears with competitor’s car, F1 fans fire up (and laugh)

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, is it over?  - Abaca

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, is it over? – Abaca

As the next Formula 1 season kicks off on March 5, drivers are enjoying their free time off the tracks. If Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon took the opportunity to go to the NBA Games in Paris, Max Verstappen took a short tour of his Ferrari competitors. Could he be dropping Red Bull?

The next season of the Formula 1 world championship is getting ready, novelties are even planned (and the fans are not looking forward to it). In the meantime, the pilots live their little life as millionaires by going on vacation or attending major sporting events, such as the NBA Games in Paris. Max Verstappen has meanwhile decided to do some shopping and that may not go down well with Red Bull.

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A terrible betrayal?

On TikTok, a video of the double F1 champion is causing a lot of talk. We see Max Verstappen trying out a new car in the Ferrari showroom…, at Monaco. We recognize him well at the wheel of the brand’s new model, a beautiful red car, in the colors of the competing team! The model that made him crack? A 1000 horsepower Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

The Red Bull champion, living in Monaco, surely took advantage of a walk in the neighborhood to do some window shopping. It is a big infidelity to his team, so much so that many hope that he will join Ferrari in 2029 at the end of his contract with Red Bull. « 2 more years and it will be red« , « there will be at least one champion driving a Ferrari“, amuse the fans on Twitter.

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