Max Verstappen is already thinking about after F1


The reigning World Champion and current championship leader is under contract with Red Bull until 2028. The 24-year-old does not rule out leaving F1 at the end of this one.

Max Verstappen confirmed his loyalty to Red Bull earlier this year with the renewal of his contract until 2028, which is so far the longest on the entire grid. “The plan is to stay here until 2028. I have no plans to change teams. I’m happy here and they’re happy with me. But I haven’t decided yet what I will do after 2028. I could quit. » declared the Dutch driver to our colleagues from the Daily Mail as part of the Monaco Grand Prix.

In Formula 1 since he was 17, the Dutchman admits he might like to do different things when he’s over 31: “I’ve been in Formula 1 since I was 17, a long time. I have already done quite a few seasons in F1. Maybe I’ll want to do different things. At 31, I don’t know if I will have peaked or if a drop in performance may have occurred. »

Max Verstappen has never hidden his interest in endurance racing and has repeatedly mentioned his wish to participate in Le Mans. It also launched its motorsport competition structure “ Racing” this year.

“I want to do other types of races, endurance races for example. Maybe I’ll get tired of traveling all the time. Maybe I’ll want an easier life and just do the shopping I love. »

However, the reigning world champion admits that while he finds himself in good shape to win another world championship in his final season with Red Bull, he is also not ruling out the idea of ​​continuing his career in the category. queen for a while longer: “Whenever an opportunity arises to win a championship, you want to take it. If I’m in a fight in 2028 [pour le titre], it would probably be stupid to stop suddenly. It’s hard to know. »

Max Verstappen has won four of the first seven races of the 2022 season and currently holds nine points more than his competitor Charles Leclerc.


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