Max Talbot wins a Jiu-jitsu medal just two months after his debut in the sport

In hockey, Max Talbot had enough talent to make it to the NHL and score historic goals in the Stanley Cup Finals with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

But did you know that Max Talbot also has talent in Jiu-jitsu?

Talbot also won a bronze medal at a tournament bringing together fighters from Ontario and Quebec that was held in Ottawa this weekend.

But what is most impressive is that Max Talbot started training in this combat sport only two months ago!

I had a feeling I hadn’t felt since I hung up my skates. Let me tell you, that’s called stepping out of your comfort zone!

Max Talbot on Instagram

Thanks to the advice received from the coaches of Académie Connexion, a Jiu-jitsu center located in Saint-Amable, Max Talbot was able to defeat Gabriel Perras in the round of 16.

Talbot then defeated Anthony Kauki before losing to Karrel Graik, who defeated him via submission in the semi-finals.

During the duel to determine 3rd place, Max got the better of Maxime Gravel on points.

Congratulations Max for your bronze medal!

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