Max Scherzer believes he will be able to launch tomorrow

Tonight, Walker Buehler will be the Dodgers’ starting pitcher, and, if necessary, Max Scherzer is expected to pitch tomorrow night.

According to the Dodgers’ rotation, Scherzer should have pitched tonight and Buehler tomorrow night. The Dodgers coaching staff, however, evaluated the arms of their two pitchers to decide who would pitch tonight.

Scherzer’s arm is tired and he is not recovering quickly enough. Recall that he threw in relief in Game 5 of the series against the Giants. Despite his fatigue, Scherzer does not regret having participated in this match.

He’s confident he’ll be able to pitch tomorrow, but he doesn’t know how many innings he’ll be able to pitch. If the Dodgers win tonight, they’ll need a very strong start from Scherzer tomorrow to hope to win the series and face the Astros in the World Series.

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