« Max is a bit lucky for Lewis »

Since his role as executive director at Alpine, Alain Prost may have been focused on the quest for fifth place in the constructors’ championship, he has not lost a crumb in the titanic battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for the world title. . The quadruple World Champion is delighted to attend « an incredible duel » and insists on the good that this season can do for Formula 1, despite the controversies of recent days.

« My opinion is that it’s an incredible duel », he assures the microphone of Canal +. « I think you have to take advantage of it, really. I think it’s great for our sport. » The Frenchman also confesses that the current situation is « fairly comparable » in some ways to the one he knew as a pilot during his fights against Ayrton Senna. « We were talking about a generation struggle at the time because there was a five or six year gap, and there they are more than 12 or 13 », he emphasizes. « But these are two great drivers, with different talents, but still, it’s great. »

This generational conflict, the Professor observes above all on the question of the winners between Hamilton and Verstappen, recalling that the former has « a lot of experience » and that he already has seven world titles on the clock. For his rival, the situation is obviously different since « absolutely must win at least one », according to Prost. « Because you know », he adds, « Me, when I knew 1982, 1983, 1984, where I missed … we say to ourselves ‘Okay, now I missed the opportunities and maybe we will never have them again’. So c ‘is still quite complicated « .

Ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix this afternoon, Verstappen has a 14-point lead over Hamilton in the championship, but the momentum is on Mercedes’ side. A regain of form that Prost puts in particular on the healthy emulation which benefits Hamilton.

« Whatever happens, what I mean is that, either one or the other, they will be two amazing champions. », he concludes. “Because their season is still great. And Max is a bit lucky for Lewis today. He has extra motivation, he can’t fall asleep, and there’s nothing better that could happen to him. after winning seven titles and over 100 victories. « 

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