Mauvezin. Football: MFC feat in the Coupe de France

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The MFC does it again! Winner of several D1 and R3 in previous seasons, Mauvezin FC has just created a surprise by beating Sud Astarac 1-1 (2 pens to 4).

On Saturday, an MFC dressed in red traveled to Panassac to face Sud Astarac, a resident of R3 last season. In front of a very large audience, Jaouli took advantage of an error by the local defense to open the scoring quickly. The locals react, dominate, but the well-organized coach Sabathé’s team is not worried.

Mauvezin reduced to ten in the second half

At the start of the second half, the midfield trio Agostinho-Abdou-Kamano will give them a little more control of the ball, but the expulsion of Sanogo in the 50th minute will complicate the match. A few minutes later, Sud Astarac equalized with a superb free kick in the top corner. The locals in numerical superiority will push, the MFC group will suffer on the stopped phases but the defense composed of Beulque, Maris and Hasani will not crack. The solidarity of the group will allow 10 against 11 to preserve this draw and go to the penalty shootout.

The Mauvezinois will be faultless with Agostinho, Jaouli, Charni and Sangaré, when the locals miss two. Lamagnère is the author of a superb save during this session. Thanks to this feat, Mauvezin FC will receive the RBA (D1) in the second round this weekend.

Mauvezin: Lamagnère, Maris, Sangaré, Hasani Sk, Beulque, Jilali, Sanogo, Kamano (c), Charni, Agostinho, Jaouli. Came into play: Andre, Abdou.

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