Matvei Michkov, the king of goals with Michigan sauce?

Everyone’s talking about dunce hunting to get Connor Bedard in the next draft.

We talk a lot less about Matvei Michkov, considered the second hope of the NHL next June.

We had a little idea why on this video.

Will the Russian player become the next Michigan-style or Lacrosse-style goalscoring specialist starting next season.

Andrei Svechnikov and Trevor Zegras could have replacements.

The striker pulls it off as easily as you butter your toast in the morning.

He is even able to lob the disc over the net and complete by returning in front of goal.

Yes, but there is no guard. Be patient, comrade.

A goalkeeper appears later in the video and Michkov is also efficient.

We also love Michkov’s small discount behind his goalkeeper’s back to redirect it into the net.

The striker is currently playing in the KHL in St. Petersburg.

In short, if a certain team does everything in its power to draft Connor Bedard and it does not succeed, this certain team could console itself by putting the grapple on Michkov.

Do you have any idea what certain team we’re talking about?

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