Mattia Binotto – « Mercedes is ahead of us in terms of race pace »

For the past few weeks, La Scuderia Ferrari seems to have plummeted in the rankings. The Italians often fall short, especially in terms of race pace on Sundays. Today, Mercedes seems to be getting closer.

While it became clear in recent races that the Ferraris could no longer keep pace with the Red Bulls, Toto Wolff’s team also managed to close the gap to their Italian rivals.

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At the end of the Dutch Grand Prix, the gap between the two teams is only thirty points. While the manufacturer’s title seems to have escaped it, will the Maranello firm succeed in keeping its second place against the Germans?

Binotto acknowledges Ferrari’s step back

Binotto was asked if he thought Red Bull had improved a lot or if his own team had taken a step back.

« Honestly, I don’t know at the moment. These are answers that I do not have. It’s not just Red Bull that is fast, Mercedes is also ahead of us in terms of race pace. It may be true that we ourselves have regressed. The reason for this? We will have to look into this question. »

« It’s now been three races in a row where we haven’t performed on Sunday as we would like. There’s no doubt about that. It’s not just Red Bull, but also Mercedes who are faster than us now.« 

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In Zandvoort, the problems were already evident on Friday. « Saturday we felt a little more comfortable. But the fact that the car was already difficult on Friday showed that we are not at our best.“, concluded the director of the Italian firm.

Ferrari wears yellow at Monza

This weekend, Scuderia Ferrari will try to catch up in front of its public. The Italian firm will be honored since it will celebrate its 75th anniversary. For the occasion, the drivers will wear a yellow outfit, the color of the city of Modena.

A priori, the Ferraris will however retain their usual red color, but the yellow color could be found on coats of arms specially designed for this weekend, and placed on the muzzle and on the sides of the car.

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