Matt Barnes didn’t see his departure from Boston coming

The Boston Red Sox have had a very ordinary off-season and manager Chaim Bloom is getting his share of tomatoes from Boston fans.

The fact that Matt Barnes was slated for subpoena is no exception. Indeed, the main interested party did not expect it, but really not, like most of us.

After 12 years in the organization, he is still in shock.

I didn’t see it coming.

Barnes is now a member of the Miami Marlins, but let’s just say the right-handed gunner isn’t particularly happy with the turn of events.

The latter seems to point the finger at the overuse of its services as having contributed to its difficulties during the last campaigns.

My workload in matches has increased. That’s when my shoulder gave out.

It is true that the Sox probably used the reliever more than they would have liked, and according to him, this is the starting point of his descent into hell.

I went from All-Star Game to not making a playoff roster to being terrible for two months and then to the disabled list. You go from high to low in the blink of an eye. It’s not easy to manage, honestly, especially since I felt responsible.

The pitcher, however, looks forward.

I can’t wait to get the chance (with the Marlins) and obviously I can’t wait to go. It will be different. I start from an organization where I know everyone.

He will certainly have a better season under the hot Florida sun than he would have experienced in Boston in 2023.

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