Mateusz Ponitka, the quiet strength

In this 2022 edition of EuroBasket marked by the presence of several big NBA headliners, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic, to name a few, Mateusz Ponitka holds his rank.

In the midst of all these NBAers who came to help their respective nations before returning to the United States to prepare for the coming season, the future Reggio Emilia player was thus among the most effective players in the competition after three matches played in the training phase. groups.

But personal stats don’t matter to Mateusz Ponitka, who thinks only of collective success.

 » I don’t care about stats, what people say or think. I just want to win he thus declared. And under his leadership, Poland are doing very well in Group D, with three victories in four games for a secure qualification in the round of 16, and a « final » for the first place in the group to play against Serbia, qu she will face this Thursday at the end of the group stage.

At 29, the full-back/winger is already playing his fourth EuroBasket. It therefore begins to have bottle, and organically imposes itself as the leader of the Polish selection.

 » Who else is supposed to take responsibility? “he said in particular, after a huge performance with 26 points and 9 rebounds in Prague, during the victory of Poland against the Czech Republic.  » I am 29 years old, but I am the oldest if we are talking about matches played at this level. […] I have experience, I know how EuroBasket matches go, so it’s not a problem for me to take responsibility. »

And it is not his coach who will contradict him.  » He still understands the game very well. This team is growing, and each player is progressing under his leadership. I am very satisfied with it “Thus slipped Igor Milicic, even if Mateusz Ponitka did not necessarily shine (5 points at 2/6, 6 rebounds, 5 assists) against the Netherlands.

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