Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus): « Go to the final of the Europa League and the Italian Cup »

Massimiliano Allegri (coach Juventus Turin, winner of Rijeka in friendly 1-0): “More than talking about a new Championship (Juventus are 3rd, 10 points from Naples), we will have to restart in the best possible way. It is something very important. We have to resume the course of our season. We will have to be mentally ready and get back into Championship mode. From January 4 to June 5, there will be no break. The objective is to play 36 matches, with the final of the Europa League and that of the Italian Cup.

There is a desire in all players to work hard, with the idea of ​​always making themselves available for the team. We know that we started badly, that we had difficulties and that we were eliminated in the Champions League, but from now on, we must see everything as an opportunity to move up the rankings. We are aiming for at least a fourth place (in Serie A). The journey is still long. »

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