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Effective in the second period, Olympique de Marseille dominated Stade Rennais (2-0) during the 6th day of Ligue 1. A victory which allows the phocen club to take second place in the standings.

Marseille passes the second

Bamba Dieng opened the scoring for OM.

Three days after the draw conceded against Lokomotiv Moscow (1-1) in the Europa League, Olympique de Marseille had the opportunity to achieve a great operation in Ligue 1.

For that, it was necessary to beat another French representative in Europe, namely Stade Rennais. Result, the men of Jorge Sampaoli did the job (2-0), and again with the manner.

Dieng untenable at the start of the match

This success could not be more deserved given the performance of the Marseillais, who set fire to the Rennes defense from the start!

Like against Monaco, Dieng quickly emerged with two opportunities, including a strike that forced goalkeeper Gomis to react quickly. On the other hand, the Senegalese porter could not have done anything if Payet had framed his deviation on a vicious center of nder! This succession of occasions provoked the anger of Genesio, in particular irritated by the passivity of his attackers.

Harit enters and takes OM away

But over the minutes, despite the top of the bar touched by Guendouzi on a long shot, Rennes defended better and managed to come out against. Guirassy could for example regret having missed the perfect cross from Laborde. Finally, this first act balanced out. And the Reds and Blacks seemed to come back with good intentions when they returned from the locker room. The moment chosen by Dieng (1-0, 48th) to open the scoring with a lot of success!

We let you imagine the fervor of the Vlodrome from this first goal. Difficult for Rennes to react, they who badly negotiated their rare situations, including the free kick from Bourigeaud largely side. Errors in front of Rennes, but also behind, which allowed the newcomer Harit (2-0, 71st) to double the stake for OM! Ren Malleville’s minute would necessarily have been positive after this victory which allows Marseille to take 2nd place in Ligue 1.

The score of the match: 6/10

This season, it is impossible to get bored in front of an OM match, especially with the atmosphere of the Vlodrome. The Marseillais still ensured the spectacle. But for such an attractive poster, we would have liked to see a more enterprising Rennes team.

The goals:

– Served right side, Lirola takes advantage of Meling’s delay to send a good cross to the near post. The ball arrives in the race of Dieng, who is ahead of Bad, and who resumes flying with great success (1-0, 48th).

– On a long ball from Luan Peres in depth, Harit takes advantage of the bad interventions of Traor and Bad. The attacking midfielder finds himself in a striking position in the area and still benefits from an error by goalkeeper Gomis on his low ball (2-0, 71st).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Matto Guendouzi (8/10)

Inexhaustible, the midfielder of OM has again been the master of the midfield! In addition to his activity and his solidity in the duels, his vertical passes did a lot of harm to the Rennes block. He also did not hesitate to take his chance from afar, the image of his strike which hit the top of the bar! Replaced with an ovation deserved the 77th by Gerson (not rated).


Pau Lpez (6): tenured for the third consecutive match, the competitor of Steve Mandanda did not have to work. Like Tait’s distant strike, Rennes’ attempts were not dangerous. The Spaniard was still surprised on a failed exit, and another that was not necessary.

William Saliba (5.5): always so serene the recovery, the central defender has made some unnecessary scares. His agreement with Balerdi gave Laborde a good situation. And his deconcentration in the face of Meling could have been expensive.

Leonardo Balerdi (6): apart from this misent with Saliba at the start of the match, the Argentinian had a serious match. It is true that Guirassy was not in the shape of his life. But he read the striker’s movements correctly.

Luan Peres (6.5): as usual, the central defender looking like a left side has never hesitated to bring the excess. And when he is not going up with the ball, he can make the difference on long balls, the image of his opening for striker Harit.

Pol Lirola (7): rarely served by nder, the Spaniard has never stopped making calls on the right side. This did not prevent him from securing recovery, unfortunately for Tait who often ran into the middle. Replace the 77th with Boubacar Kamara (not rated).

Pape Gueye (7.5): replacement in the spirit of Jorge Sampaoli, the midfielder has scored points! His activity and his physical impact made the recovery good. Just like his precision in his long balls. We have even seen him achieve a nice network.

Matto Guendouzi (8): see comments above.

Cengiz nder (5.5): very prominent early in the match, the Turkish international has alternated between percussion and center. His ball in the back of the defense almost allowed Payet to open the scoring. But he lost the thread a little later with bad choices. Replace the 69th with Valentin Rongier (not rated).

Dimitri Payet (7): back from injury, number 10 has recovered well. In the axis or on the sides, he was omnipresent to organize the game of OM. He would have deserved to finish with a decisive pass but Dieng did not convert his two offerings. Note also his opportunity after the nder center, on which he throws himself.

Konrad De La Fuente (3): accustomed to take the side of speed, the American winger hit a double wall. In addition to the solid Traor, Bourigeaud imposed a second obstacle that he could not overcome. Replace the 59th with Amine Harit (not rated), determined on the action of his goal where he takes advantage of three Rennes errors.

Bamba Dieng (7): another great performance from the Senegalese! We would have thought we were watching the Monaco match when he started by missing his first chances, before finding the fault at the start of the second period. Jorge Sampaoli also had to appreciate his defensive return to Ugochukwu in midfield. Replace the 77th with Luis Henrique (not rated).

Reindeer :

Alfred Gomis (4): inspired by the attempts of Gueye and Dieng in the first period, the Rennes goalkeeper seemed more feverish after the break. He sends a raise directly to touch. Then misses out on Harit’s largely avoidable goal.

Hamari Traor (4.5): while he was having a very good match on his right side, the captain of the Rouge et Noir also got a hole on Harit’s goal. Too bad, carses mounted were rather sharp. And with Bourigeaud, he had succeeded in blocking De la Fuente. Replace the 78th with Lorenz Assignon (not rated).

Loc Bad (2): we are far, very far from the central defender who shone in Lens. In Marseille, he completely missed out on his match. Not to mention his stupid yellow card, he is directly involved in the two goals conceded. And these are not his only mistakes of the meeting. Replace the 88th with Warmed Omari (not rated).

Naif Aguerd (4): overtaken by Dieng from the start of the match, the Moroccan international quickly understood that the afternoon would be difficult. We can’t say he took the water. But he seemed helpless on many Olympian attacks.

Birger Meling (4.5): the time to take his marks against nder, the former Nmois ended up gaining the upper hand. In confidence, he allowed himself a few sharp climbs of which his teammates did not sufficiently benefit. However, we can blame him for being slightly behind Lirola’s decisive cross for Dieng. Replace the 88th with Adrien Truffert (not rated).

Baptiste Santamaria (4): given the level displayed by Guendouzi, Gueye or even Payet against him, the defensive midfielder struggled to follow. He was sometimes interesting with the ball. The problem was, he spent more time chasing her.

Gatan Laborde (4): good and less good in the performance of the ex-Montpellirain. His combativeness allowed him to create good situations. We must also highlight its excellent center for Guirassy. But overall, he wasn’t available enough for his teammates. And very badly negotiated a promising cons.

Benjamin Bourigeaud (6): one of the few Rennais capable of making good exits from the ball under pressure. Full of accuracy, he relieved his team on certain sequences. He also respected the plan by doubling the marking on De la Fuente. But he lacked precision in the last few meters, the image of his free kick largely aside.

Flavien Tait (4,5): interesting in offensive transitions, the versatile midfielder has been the source of several blocks. He is also the author of a half frame flight but without danger for Pau Lopez. On the other hand, he suffered defensively, mostly because of Lirola’s energy.

Chimuanya Ugochukwu (3.5): after two blocking strikes and some forward throws in the first period, the midfielder has gradually disappeared from circulation. The intensity imposed by the Marseillais ended up putting him in difficulty. Replace the 78th with Matthis Abline (not rated).

Sehrou Guirassy (3): physically moved, the center forward did not relieve his team enough. His lost duels and his lack of availability partly explain the long sequences in which Rennes no longer came out. We also keep our rat in the center of Laborde in the first period. Replace the 60th with Kamaldeen Sulemana (not rated), dominated in his one-on-one duels.

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MARSEILLE 2-0 RENNES (mid-time: 0-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 6th day
Stadium: Orange Velodrome, Marseille – Referee: Willy Delajod, France

Goals : C. Dieng (48th) A. Harit (71st) for MARSEILLE
Warnings : – L. Bad (44th), B. Santamara (64th), for RENNES

MARSEILLE : Pau LpezW. Saliba, L. Balerdi, Luan PeresPol Lirola (Gerson, 77th), P. Gueye, M. Guendouzi (B. Kamara, 77th)C. nder (V. Rongier, 70th), D. Payet, K. De La Fuente (A. Harit, 59th)C. Dieng (Luis Henrique, 77th)

Reindeer : A. GomisL. Bad (A. Truffert, 88th), N. AguerdH. Traor (L. Assignon, 78th), B. Meling (W. Omari, 88th)B. Bourigeaud, C. Ugochukwu (M. Abline, 78th), B. Santamara, F. TaitG. Laborde, S. Guirassy (K. Sulemana, 60th)

Dieng ahead of Bad on the opening scoring (1-0, 48th)

Another excellent copy for Guendouzi

Harit congratulated by his teammates (2-0, 71st)

Dcd, OM supporter Ren Malleville received a tribute

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