Marseille held in check by Bordeaux, « a great shot! » welcomes the rookie Pembélé author of the 1st goal

The Girondins de Bordeaux, led 2-0 at half-time, managed to equalize after the return from the locker room. Remobilized by their coach Vladimir Petkovic. The young PSG rookie Timothée Pembélé and Rémi Oudin offer their team the first point of the season in this closing match of the second day.

Who would have bet on such a result? The Marines and Whites certainly do not bring back a victory but this draw, 2 – 2, in front of 50,000 Marseille supporters who found their stadium and their team this Sunday, August 15, after 18 months of deprivation, is a small feat.

Unconvincing in the first period, the Girondins showed solidarity and dared to take some risks when they returned from the locker room.

OM opened the scoring in the 34th minute with Under, then Payet, in heaven, gave his team a second goal for their first home match. The Velodrome is overexcited.

At the break, the young Timothée Pembelé, just 18 years old, loaned by PSG and arrived a few days earlier in Bordeaux, enters the field. As a good Parisian « titi » he went on the offensive on the right side and scored in the 51st minute.

« The coach spoke to us in the locker room, we had to re-mobilize. We came back to the field with the slab« he will explain at the end of the match.

Marseille, disorganized, begins to pitch and concede corners.

On the third consecutive, Toma Basic saw Rémi Oudin, absolutely alone when entering the box. He equalizes with a perfect recovery from the left, we are in the 57th minute, the 170 Bordeaux supporters are exulting.

There will be no other goals until the end of the game.

The joy of Rémi Oudin after his goal which allows the Girondins to equalize 2 - 2 against Marseille at the Stade Vélodrome during the second day of Ligue 1

The joy of Rémi Oudin after his goal which allows the Girondins to equalize 2 – 2 against Marseille at the Stade Vélodrome during the second day of Ligue 1


« It’s a great shot » rejoiced Timothée Pembélé who appreciated the atmosphere on his arrival in Bordeaux. « They made me feel welcome. I was keen to do a good first, it was successful. On the last action, I checked, I was a little too calm, I hung on. But I’m happy to draw here.« 

Same satisfaction for the other scorer of the match, Rémi Oudin who seems to see a team spirit emerging.

« We managed to get back to the score mentally and technically well. We live well together. We are in the process of creating a group. We made the efforts for each other, we saw it« he assures.

« At half-time, we were down 2-0 but everything was not to be thrown away. The coach told us to stay calm. The executives also spoke. Coming back to score after being two goals behind will help us mentally. But we know that what we work will not be put in place in a week. We will start to get started and understand what the coach and the staff are asking for. « 

It remains to be shown that this solidarity and thirst for victory will not apply only to « gala » matches, as has too often been the case with the Bordeaux residents.

Coach Valdimir Petkovic was in any case also shown to be satisfied even if he would have preferred a victory. « We played with discipline, with the head, with positivity, trying to move forward« he said in a video tweeted by the Girondins.

To be confirmed next Sunday at the Matmut stadium with the Angers reception.

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