Mark Tatum (NBA): “At some point we will be back in India”

After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NBA will once again relocate preseason matches (Golden State-Washington on September 30 and October 2 in Tokyo; Milwaukee-Atlanta on October 6 and 8 in Abu Dhabi). Dhabi) and regular season (Miami-San Antonio on December 17 in Mexico City; Chicago-Detroit in Paris on January 19).

And the North American professional league intends to further accentuate its globalization by investing in new markets. Mark Tatum, assistant to Adam Silver, the boss of the NBA, notably mentioned Germany, Italy and Greece on Thursday. But most importantly, he said, at some point we will be back in india  » and «  pre-season, regular season matches in Africa

were also considered.

Two preseason matches were held in Mumbai in October 2019, between Sacramento and Indiana.

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