Marion Torrent, a lifelong passion for football

During the Women’s Football Euro, the players of the France team confide in Fabrice D’Almeida, professor of contemporary history. How did they get to the top level? Answer with Marion Torrent.

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Marion started playing very young. She remembers when she was 5 years old, having started on the field and her permanent desire to run. Running, her happiness, when she lived in a small village near Marseille. Since then, the clubs have followed one another, in particular Montpellier Hérault, and she has entered the top level with always the same pleasure.

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In defence, his favorite gesture remains the sliding tackle. When the lawn is slightly wet, it gives a fabulous impression, a treat before taking the ball from the opponent at the end of the course. Once out of the field, Marion Torrent continues training to prepare for the future. She wants to continue her career in sports coaching, but she also holds a weightlifting trainer’s certificate. It’s no surprise that today’s female footballers are complete athletes.

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