“Marine Johannès is a star”, a blown away NBA GM!


The American dream continues for Marine Johannès, who continues to burst the screen when leaving the bench with the Liberty. His last performance earned him great praise from the US media, but also… from an NBA executive, amazed at his exploits!

This Thursday, it was the young Iliana Rupert who walked the WNBA floors with the Aces, and who stood out there with a complete game (3 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists). However, it is not a question of the Frenchwoman who has been the most talked about in recent hours across the Atlantic. The fault of Marine Johannès, and his new successful performance delivered the day before under the colors of New York.

Marine Johannès puts Dallas at her feet

Two days after Liberty’s defeat on the Wings floor, Johannès and her teammates had another meeting with the same opponent at College Park Center. The opportunity for the tricolor international to shine again as a substitute, and this time to allow her team to win (91-73). All this while impressing a certain… Nico Harrison, the general manager of the Mavericks, according to Landon Thomas!

Marine Johannès is a basket hunter, she has so many moves in her arsenal. I had a few moments where I was like “Oh, wow” watching her in the last two games. During the last game, Johannes even pushed Mavs GM Nico Harrison to mutter “Bloody hell” under his breath.

Present on site for this meeting, the NBA executive therefore failed to contain his wonder at the game of Johannès. No more than Landon Thomas and the other spectators witnessing his prowess:

@GGerk: I tried to find out who she was last night during the game because I also had a few moments where I was like « Oh crap » looking at her! I wanted to learn more about her.

Landon Thomas: Same, I heard that Marine Johannès was a star in Europe but I hadn’t seen any of her games before this season on the League Pass. But seeing her in person is so different like you said. I’m shocked Liberty doesn’t play him every minute, he’s a star.

Thanks to her flashy style of play and her good current performance, Marine Johannès not only contributes to the success of the Liberty, but also attracts the attention of big names in the NBA. Suffice to say that everything is going well for the French expatriate in the US!


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