Marcus Stroman responds to racist remarks made against him


In Tuesday’s game between the Mets and the Diamondbacks, Arizona commentator Bob Brenly made derogatory comments about Marcus Stroman. Brenly laughed at the durag (the headgear that Stroman wears under his cap) of the launcher.

Brenly then apologized on social media.

On his Twitter account, Stroman claimed his comment sounded racist. He was also very active on his account afterwards.

Onward and upward… through all adversity and racist overtones. The ascent continues through everything!

Marcus Stroman

Several Internet users supported Stroman and in one of the many retweets of this post, one comment stood out.

It is racist and it is unacceptable. Stroman deserves an apology. The league and its teams, which have never ceased to commit to greater inclusiveness, must demand better.

Via Twitter

Moreover, the DBacks will be investigating and in the coming days we will have more news regarding Bob Brenly’s future as the team commentator. Maybe Brenly just wanted to play a joke, but clearly no one found her funny. Even his coworker did the best he can to ignore it.

It is one thing to say such things with friends in front of TV, but quite another to say them on national television when a few thousand / million viewers are listening.

The Mets pitcher has also published that he will now sell durags via his clothing company HDMH. We can bet that Benly will not queue to get one …

New York finally lost 6-5 in the 10th inning. The right-hander finished his game with six strikeouts in as many innings of work.


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