Marcus Smart regrets the Celtics’ lack of sincerity


Marcus SmartFirst there were thanks and tributes from Marcus Smart and Boston leaders following the trade that sent the point guard to the Grizzlies to allow the arrival of Kristaps Porzingis. Then, with a clear head, the former Celtics leader still expressed a hint of regret about the way his leaders were doing.

The latter had assured him a week before that he would not be traded, until a last minute reversal concerning the KP trade came to upset everything. In addition to taking full head the reality of the business of the NBA, he thus regretted the lack of courtesy of Joe Mazzulla and Brad Stevens towards him. In fact, he was napping when the Celtics decided to trade him…and found out when he woke up.

“The next day I had to go to the gym, get my stuff, talk to Brad and Joe. And so it was really shocking to hear it like that, especially because a week before, I had already been told that we were good, that there were no talks for exchanges for me, and that it was ok » he says. “I understand the business part, and I’ve always been like that. I’m the first to tell everyone that you can’t mix the personal aspect with the professional. I understand it’s a business. To me, it’s just courtesy. They probably already knew they were thinking of trading me, and that it was in the back of their minds in case something stuck. It’s just saying to me, ‘Hey, we think we’re going to trade you, we just wanted you to know, thank you for everything’. »

No dispute with Jaylen Brown

If he said he was enthusiastic about the new challenge that awaits him in Memphis, Marcus Smart still wanted to clear up any misunderstandings about his old franchise, insisting on the fact that he only had affection for Boston players and his community, and even Brad Stevens for whom he has no « no hard feelings ».

“It was hard to see the texts, to hear the voices of the guys saying goodbye, to remember the good times. Jayson and Jaylen are my brothers for life, and what people see is not enough to reflect the nature of our relationship. We went through a lot together, we went to the fire. My mother passed away and JB was one of the passengers on the plane that came to Dallas for the funeral. So I want to put to rest any rumors that JB and I had a dispute. I have no problem with the Celtics, nor with any of my teammates, I love them, they love me. We are brothers and I know that if I need anything I can call them and vice versa. Between JB and me it’s going very well, he’s my brother. He texted me and he was as disappointed as I was. So we’re good together and just because JB or one of my teammates hasn’t posted anything doesn’t mean we’re cold.

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